Teach Kids Productions is pleased to present these films for the English classroom. Below is a full index of Teach Kids films in alphabetical order. Please note that not all films appear on TKP's YouTube channel.

American Lit: Brief and Naughty (Parts 1 and 2) | American Lit: Quick and Dirty covers the broad spectrum of American Literature from Native American stories all the way to the Twilight series.

Dante's Inferno - Oh, Hell! | This fast and easy video follows Dante into the depths of Hell--where only the bravest readers might go--complete with a general summary and explanation of Dante's Divine Comedy. By the end, you'll be saying oh, hell!

Grammar: Brief and Naughty (Part 1) | Teach Kids Productions humbly presents Grammar: Brief and Naughty. Noah Webster joins us to explore all eight parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections). Proper hilarity ensues.

Poetry: A Brief and Naughty Introduction (Trailer) | Coming this fall from Teach Kids Productions - POETRY: A Brief and Naughty Introduction

Romeo and Juliet: Brief and Naughty | Romeo... Juliet... the characters and the plot delivered to you quickly and with good humor. From Teach Kids Productions, Romeo & Juliet: Brief and Naughty is a great study tool, classroom review, and all around good time. Written and produced by James D. Hogan. With Adolf Hitler, Snookie from Jersey Shore, Mr. T, and many others.

Shakespeare: Brief and Naughty | NEW and in HD! A humorous look at Shakespeare's life, the world he lived in, and a summary of his works.